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Upgrading from v1.x to v1.3

  1. First we recommend you backup your current files.
  2. Rename your setup.pl file to vars_main.pl.
  3. Upload the following new files to your announcer directory.

    You may need to edit the perl path in the admin_script.pl and Tracker_Read.pl files before uploading them.
    Make sure you use ASCII mode transfer when uploading these files.
  4. Replace your old announcer.pl file with your new announcer.pl file. 
    You may need to edit the perl path before uploading the new file. 
  5. Upload the Inc directory and all directories and files under it. When doing so, you must maintain the directory structure.
  6. Delete your current _confirm.pl file if it exists under the data directory. Since the confirmation method has changed, any entries in the old confirm file are no longer valid.
  7. Your directory structure should now look like the following:

    cgi-bin/announcer (Directory)
      |- admin_script.pl
      |- announcer.pl
      |- subs_1.pl
      |- lists.pl
      |- template.htm
      |- Tracker_Read.pl
      |- vars_main.pl
      | ---- data (Directory)
      |   |- subscriber data files
      | ---- Inc (Directory)
          | ---- MIME (Directory)
          |   |- Lite.pm
          | ---- MIME (Directory)
              |- Cmd.pm
              |- Config.pm
              |- SMTP.pm

  8. Set your permission as follows for the new files:
    For Unix:

    admin_script.pl - 755
    subs_1.pl - normal permissions (644 should be fine)
    Tracker_Read.pl - 755
    The INC directory and all it's subdirectories should be 755.
    Any files under the INC directory or it's subdirectories should be normal permissions (644 should be fine).

    For Windows:

    Set the following permissions for all files and directories:
    CHANGE (RWXD)(RWXD) for IUSR_XXX account.

  9. Now go to your admin screen. It can be accessed by using:

     where xxxx is your admin key.
    Note: You will no longer call the announcer.pl file to get to the admin screens.
  10. Go into the Script Settings, check all of the options, and then resubmit them.
  11. In the Admin Screen, run the Clean List option. This will reformat your list to the new format. You can uncheck the options to remove duplicates and and set missing dates if you want.
  12. To check everything went smooth, try viewing each of your email lists. If  you can see all of your subscribers, the upgrade went fine and is complete.
  13. If you cannot see your subscribers, check all the steps above to make sure you performed each of them correctly.

Price: $30

1.3 (10/02/01)

Win 9x/NT/2000

«Pricing/Order Now»

Don't want to pay $30? You can still get our old script  WWC Notify which is designed for small lists.

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Trisha Yearwood

version 4.0b 03/10/05 released.


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