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Version 1.3 (10/02/2001) Released

Announcer is the next generation of our popular mailing list software known as WWC Notify. It is a powerful stand-alone mailing list that includes many features including EventHandler integrations.

Note: Every purchase of Announcer includes access to the Announcer registered members section for a period of one year. In the members section, updates and new versions can be download as they are released.


Version 1.3 has been released.


  • Simple Install
    Only two files required for install.  Announcer automatically creates other files needed for operation.
  • Complete Online Administration
    Online screens for performing admin functions such as creating and sending email, viewing subscribers, list maintenance, as well as script setup.
  • Unlimited List Handling
    You can define an unlimited number of mailing lists and a single install of Announcer will handle them all.  No more messing with multiple scripts for handling multiple lists.
  • HTML and Text Email
    Choose to send email in text format and/or HTML format.
  • User Defined HTML and Text Email
    Subscribers can choose to receive email in HTML format or text format.
  • Message Preview
    Have a preview message emailed to yourself to ensure the message looks good before sending.
  • Fully Customizable Messages
    Admin defined text for all messages displayed or emailed to subscribers. You define what you want them to see and read.
  • Edit/Import List
    Directly edit your email lists. Using this feature you can also import email addresses.
  • Clean List
    Allows removal of duplicate subscriptions and list cleanup..
  • Message Read Tracking
    Option to track read HTML messages. Includes stats and users that have not read the email. Great for determining who is reading the email you are sending.
    Note: HTML formatted email only.
  • Subscription Confirmations
    Optional confirmation features that requires subscribers to validate their email address. When subscription request is performed, Announcer will send an email to the email address supplied that includes a confirmation link that must be used. Prevents individuals from subscribing others without their approval.
  • Direct Unsub Links
    This is a very convenient and powerful feature.  Email sent can include a link that is specifically generated for each individual. All the subscriber has to do is click the link or paste the link into their browser and Announcer it will unsubscribe them automatically.
  • Template Formatting
    Use a template to customize Announcer so it looks like the rest if you site.
  • Message Priority
    Define the priority you message should be sent in. High/Normal/Low
  • Custom Headers and Footers
    In addition, or in replace of the template, you can define a custom header and footer to aid in customizing the look.
  • Personalization
    Customize your messages by including the subscriber's name, email address and subscription date and more.
  • Duplication Prevention
    Ensure duplicate email addresses are not added to your list.
  • Email Validation
    Check email addresses to ensure proper format. Announcer will inform them if the format is incorrect.
  • Message Sent Viewing
    Save your sent message and view them later for reference.
  • File Attachments
    Option to attach a file to your messages. (In beta testing)
  • Subscription Date Tracking
    Tracks subscription dates of your subscribers.
  • IP Tracking
    Tracks subscriber IP addresses.
  • Message Subject and Footer
    Define a message subject and footer that can be included with each sent message.  Prevents you from having to retype information again when sending new messages.
  • EventHandler Integrations
    Use Announcer to send email using your EventHandler exported mailing lists. You no longer have to export the mailing lists and then import them into a separate mailer.  When exporting mailing lists in EventHandler, it will give you the option to export your mailing list in a format specifically for Announcer. From there, you can jump over to Announcer to send the email. All in just a couple clicks.
  • File Locking
    Help ensure integrity of your files.
  • And all for a small registration fee of $30 ...

Note:  Announcer does not interface with other mailing lists. It is a complete mailing list solution.

Pricing and Ordering

Price: $30

1.3 (10/02/01)

Win 9x/NT/2000

«Pricing/Order Now»

Don't want to pay $30? You can still get our old script  WWC Notify which is designed for small lists.

Customer Site

Trisha Yearwood

version 4.0b 03/10/05 released.


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